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Design and Decoration

7 April, 2017


19 December, 2016

White and wood

Properties for sale and for rent

  • Villa Ambrosía

    24 April, 2017
  • Villa Can Fun

    7 April, 2017
  • Villa Portofino

    7 April, 2017
  • Villa Violeta

    7 April, 2017
  • Villa Santorini

    13 February, 2017
  • Casa Capri

    6 February, 2017
  • Villa Nature

    20 December, 2016
  • Casa India Ibiza

    20 December, 2016

Architecture and construction

8 April, 2017

Sa Sal Rossa Tower

7 April, 2017


Articles about legal themes

24 April, 2017

What is the notary’s role in the sale of a home?

As a public servant, the notaries you get in touch with to buy or sell that house will check the legality of both the intervening parties and the object of the sale.

22 December, 2016

Powers of attorney granted abroad

For the power of attorney to be valid in Spain, it must be equivalent to a power of attorney granted before a Spanish notary.

19 December, 2016

Seasonal rental and holiday rental

On many occasions one tends to confuse the concepts of seasonal and holiday rentals...

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