24 April, 2017
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The square metre in Ibiza is the fourth most expensive in Spain

Fuente: INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica)
Average appraised value of private, unsubsidised housing in towns over 25,000 inhabitants

According to data released in late February by the Ministry of Public Works, Ibiza ranks as the fourth most-expensive city in Spain, at €2,772 per square metre. Santa Eulalia ranks sixth (€2,640/m2) just ahead of Madrid (€2,628/m2). The first positions are held by San Sebastián (€3,060/m2) and Barcelona (€2,779/m2).

Fuente: INE

Change in housing prices

Fuente: INE

Increase in property transactions

However, although home acquisitions and prices are up in these last two years, we are nowhere near the records hit in early 2008. ◊

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